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Welcome to the Official Website of Nico Amatullo. Acting is Nico's passion and vocation. He is a skilled social media networker, an avid consumer of news feeds that address current global affairs, a history buff and an advocate of the value of creativity and the visual arts to make positive social change in the world. Nico is a strong believer in the power of communication platforms to engage audiences and the importance of the liberal arts.

Raised in Los Angeles, California, he grew up being committed to hard work, self discipline, and persevering to achieve his goals. Nico is an alumnus of Idyllwild Arts Academy and is trained professionally in acting. Since 2014, Nico has started working with radio as a medium in music production and broadcast under the pseudonym DJ NicoRico. In September 2018 till May 2019, he hosted his own radio show hour at Pace University, where he is the weekly host of the “DJ NicoRico Blast off Hour” on which focuses on underground music and talk. As a hobby, he enjoys photography and capturing New York City life on his Canon Rebel T6.

Nico Amatullo Graduated from college majoring in the FTVC (Film, Television, Voice-Over, & Commercials) Acting program of the PPA Pace Performing Arts School at Pace University in New York City. He has also completed a minor in Digital Media studies (Class of 2019). As of Late August, Nico is enrolled in the MS Media Management program at The New School

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